Liberty City
Radio Theatre
  1. On the marquee at the Playhouse
    On the marquee at the Playhouse
  2. Liberty City Cast read thru
    Liberty City Cast read thru
  3. james, alex, Josh & kate
    james, alex, Josh & kate
  4. kate, josh, alex & james
    kate, josh, alex & james
  5. Title 11
    Title 11
  6. IAWL 12/16
    IAWL 12/16
  7. Title 9
    Title 9
  8. Episode 4 cast
    Episode 4 cast
  9. LCRT @ the Garfield Center for the Performing Arts
    LCRT @ the Garfield Center for the Performing Arts


Phila Free Press  

WHYY Newsworks

Liberty City Radio Theatre presents a world premiere event at the
Society Hill Playhouse- Cover Story
Wednesday Feb 17

By Haywood Brewster
Liberty City Radio Theatre is a live show in the style of old time radio, with actors on stage recreating the golden era of the ‘theatre of the mind’, with newly written and adapted episodes for the modern
audience..... more

Lights fade: Tribute to Philly’s Society Hill Playhouse-  Cover story
Wed, Mar 02, 2016

By Nicole Contosta
When the curtains close for Liberty City Radio Theater, Saturday, March 5th, it will symbolize something much larger than the end to a fabulous show. It will represent the Society Hill Playhouse’s final production....

Philly Weekly

Society Hill Playhouse’s final curtain call: Liberty City Radio Theatre

By Noe Garcia
'So­ci­ety Hill Play­house has been a staple...
by Peter Crimmons
A landmark of the Philadelphia theater scene will soon be closing forever. The Society Hill Playhouse, which has operated as a theater at Eighth and South streets for 56 years, is slated for demolition next month.
Its final performance this weekend will be the debut of the first play by Liberty City Radio Theatre..... more

City Suburban News - Main Line

Phila Metro
by AD Amorosi
Society Hill Playhouse will say goodbye with a live radio play
Society Hill Playhouse is closing next month, but not without a bang (several, actually).

“It’s been a great ride... .more
Society Hill Playhouse (507 S. 8th Street) will host its final curtain call .... more

Phila Free Press  

Broadway World- Philly

Society Hill Playhouse (507 S. 8th Street) will host its final curtain call with the world premiere of Liberty City Radio Theatre.... more

Philly Fun Guide

Philly Voice

Society Hill Playhouse (507 S. 8th Street) will host its final curtain call .... more

Society Hill Playhouse to host final show before closing

By Sinead Cummings
'Liberty City Radio Theatre' will debut on stage for a two-show run.... more

Society Hill Playhouse owner reflects on six decades of Philly's most diverse theater

By Brandon Baker
Saying goodbye to the storied playhouse, due for demolition... more


Philly theater slated for demolition announces final show

by Erin O'Neill
PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia playhouse that opened its doors more than 50 years ago plans to host the world premiere of a show inspired by old-time radio as its final performance.... more
Phila Inquirer

Society Hill Playhouse closing -
cofounder recalls 5 highlights

by John Timpane
After almost 56 years of community theater, the Society Hill Playhouse is expected to close on April 1. It's putting on one last premiere - a two-night show on Friday and Saturday titled Liberty Radio Theatre.... more

Philly Voice

Philadelphia Business Journal

After 56 years, Society Hill Playhouse to close... more