Liberty City
Radio Theatre
About us

Liberty City Radio Theatre is a live show in the style of old time radio, with actors on stage recreating the golden era of the ‘theatre of the mind’,  with newly written and adapted episodes for the modern audience. This unique and nationally trending style of theatre like nothing else on stage in the city of Philadelphia.
Complete with on stage sound effects and live music,  the “new-time old-style” radio show will be filled with laughs for newcomers and nostalgia for those that remember gathering around the RCA to hear tales of adventure and romance.  

Produced and directed by Bill Arrowood, who opines,  “We want  to put on a show that would be  as much fun for us to be in as for the audience to watch.  Drama is fine when things are going great in the world and you want to wax philosophical, but the world we live in right now, it needs laughter more than ever,  because the exception of the ice cream sundae, laughter is possibly man’s greatest gift to his fellow man”.
The ensemble includes  Heather Plank,  Kate Heaney,  Joshua Kirwin,
Caroline Oddo,  Michael Mallon,  Christine Doidge,  James Miller, 
Alexandra Rush, Loretta Vasile, Sean Vermeire and TJ Deluca each taking on multiple roles, (and maybe singing a  little), through out the thrilling evening of entertainment.   

Meet Our Company
  1. James P.V. Miller
    James P.V. Miller
    man of a 1001 voices handy with a sword
  2. Michael Mallon
    Michael Mallon
    suburban dad by day hard boiled gumshoe by night
  3. Christine Doidge
    Christine Doidge
    classically inclined writer/actor see also: muse for above
  4. Josh Kirwin
    Josh Kirwin
    sometime leading man, sometime cartoon, sings a little
  5. Kate Heaney
    Kate Heaney
    a wide-eyed ingenue , stage manager & all around peach
  6. TJ Deluca
    TJ Deluca
    Man about town and actor's actor
  7. Bill Arrowood
    Bill Arrowood
    Like Orson Welles, has matching ego & penchant for pies
  8. Caroline Oddo
    Caroline Oddo
    Tinkling the keyboards of our heart strings
  9. Sean Vermeire
    Sean Vermeire
    imagine a funny version of Fozzie the Bear

                 our presenting partner

In the fall of 2015  I started a new job working for the
South Street Headhouse District and part of that job is to find ways to support the Arts in the District. Within a week or so on the job, I suggested to my new boss that the Society Hill Playhouse could be an anchor for Arts and Theatre and that the District should see what we could do to help, so we made a call to Deen Kogan,  (true story: first time I met her was when the asked me to come to clean up a dead squirrel outside the theater).  Sadly, by the time we had got to know her  it was after the a paperwork and deals were in place to raze the venerable old hall, it was an old building afterall and in need of more repair than it would be possible to support.
In the months that followed, I formed a friendship with Deen,  
 I found her both charming and formidable and wanted to ensure that if this was to be the final curtain for the Playhouse that it would be done with a fitting finale.

I thought it was important that as a community we get the chance to recognize not only the dramatic work that Deen and her late husband Jay did to bring theatre to this city, but also that folks get a chance to realize that while other theatre companies in the city have come and gone and are run with much bigger staffs and operating lines, the Society Hill Playhouse has survived largely because of the tenacity of its owner.

I simply knew of no better way to salute her than with a show.

Our first show, the last ever at the Playhouse, was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek and I won’t pretend to say that we were trying to break new ground as drama, but it was fun. I couldn’t be more pleased with our ensemble of players and how they came together as a team in a short time. One of the great joys I have known in life is putting on a little show with your friends, and am so thrilled to have found this magnificent family and get to have fun with them every night.

My hope is that this new company becomes an ongoing showplace for actors from stages all over the region to come and play together, interact and laugh…becuase what's better than laughing with your friends, old & new.

Our inception as a company began as a way to say farewell to one of Philadelphia’s landmark theaters, the Society Hill Playhouse, and pay tribute to its founder Deen Kogan, who, for six decades transformed and transcended the world of live theater in her city.  She and her husband Jay broke boundaries as one of Philadelphia’s first truly integrated stages, pioneered programs for urban youth, brought outdoor theater to blighted neighborhoods on the back of a flatbed truck, created workshops for writers and premiered avante garde performances and playwrights that have since become standards of American theater.
She became a stalwart supporter and a dear friend. All of our subsequent performances as an itinerant company have been produced in partnership with the Society Hill Playhouse as a means of keeping her legacy alive.

In late March of  2018, Deen passed away, just shy of her 88th birthday. We continue on in her stead and hope that even in our small, silly way we would make her proud and laugh...

Previous & Ongoing Show Sponsors

Society Hill Playhouse

Special thanks to
Deen Kogan

Peter Levinson & the Deen Kogan Trust
Headhouse Cafe & Madame Saito
Charles Washington, Jr.
Amanda Arrowood

Garfield Center for the Arts
Jim's Steaks South Street
Tattooed Mom Bar
Triad Realty
Headhouse Books
City Tavern
UPS Store 4th Street
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
South Street Headhouse District